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In September 2011, Alex Honnold claimed one of the greatest days of free soloing, climbing Yosemite Valley's Cosmic Debris (5.13b) and flashing Heaven (5.12) all without tying in. Here is a recently released video produced by Squarespace and filmed by veteran climbing photographer Jimmy Chin of Honnold repeating the steep roof-crack Heaven ... once again, without a rope.

ATC-Ghid de folosire
Yes, the ATC-Guide is an advanced belay/rappel device, but with the basic information in the video below you'll learn how to easily utilize the ATC-Guide's superior belay and rappel capabilities, such as how to belay or lower one or two seconding climbers in guide mode with ease and control. Get more info on Black Diamond Equipment's ATC Guide at:

Change - Backstage movie
"October 4th 2012, Flatanger, Norway. After incredible 3-month battle, Adam Ondra makes the first ascent of the new world´s hardest route. Adam names it Change and suggests the magic grade of 9b+. The limit of human´s possibilities has been shifted and the long adventurous trip of a few friends to the northern Europe slowly comes to the end..." Detailed info: WWW.CHANGE-MOVIE.COM But was this epic journey just about climbing? No, not at all. This won´t be a next typical climbing movie. So what it will be about? Here is a "small" 24 minutes long hint. Filmed and directed by Petr Pavlicek Duration: 24 min Bernartwood 2013 -



Varful Omu
30-03-2020 ora 19:00Fenomen : ceata
Temperatură: -5.1 ºC
Vânt: 2.9 m/s, directia : VSV
Nebulozitate: cer acoperit
Presiune: 743.7 mb, stationara
Umezeală relativă: 94%
Strat zăpadă : 58 cm la ora 09