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Ben Moon - Rainshadow 9a
Ben Moon making the 4th ascent of Rainshadow 9a at Malham Cove

Deep Water Soloing In Britain
Ever Thought about taking a 50-foot fall off a sea cliff into the chilly North Atlantic? Time for some British deep water soloing. When we think of deep water soloing, it usually involves warm-water paradises like Mallorca, Thailand, and Vietnam. However, contrary to popular opinion, there is far more to British climbing than scary ledge-shuffling on the gritstone escarpments of the Peak District. British climbing has a long, colorful history of sea-cliff climbing. The Pembroke, Swanage and the Devonshire coasts have long played host to some of the country’s finest traditional lines but in recent years, the development of the country’s sea cliffs has been revolutionized by the burgeoning deep water solo scene. The sea is no longer the enemy, to be avoided with rope and rack, but the safety net, cushioning failures and encouraging a try-hard attitude. This video is a tribute to that spirit: one of freedom and exploration that is seeing a new generation of pioneers drawing lines on the British coast.

Ice climbing in Canada
From 3th November till 10th December Tanja Schmitt and Matthias Scherer started their ice climbing season in the Canadian Rockies. The film shows impressive pictures from the climbs of three extreme ice lines: "Whiteman Falls" (IV,WI6), "Shooting Star"(IV,WI6), "Rainbow Serpent" (IV,WI6). Interested for more details?: go to ,



Varful Omu
11-12-2019 ora 14:00Fenomen : ceata
Temperatură: -7.9 ºC
Vânt: 13.7 m/s, directia : SSE
Nebulozitate: cer acoperit
Presiune: 744.5 mb, in scadere
Umezeală relativă: 92%
Strat zăpadă : 15 cm la ora 08