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Desert Ice
Strings Productions follows American climbers Scott Adamson and Jesse Huey searching for ice in the depths of the desert. The two strike gold in the splendid Zion National Park and what initially seems like an insane idea is considered by many as one of the most important recent ice climbing discoveries in North America.

Alone on the wall
Climbing truly massive walls without a rope, and zero chance of survival if he falls, Alex is calm and fearless (except when it comes to girls). But attempting the 2,000-foot wall of Half Dome, the greatest free solo ever attempted, would finally teach Alex the meaning of fear. Released in 2010. 24 min. Directors: Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen. Part of the First Ascent series.

Rocklands: a trad diary
In June 2014, Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson set off to discover Trad In Rocklands. Originally in search of hard, “cutting edge” new routes, what the couple discovered is perhaps even more valuable! An almost unlimited potential for Trad development, with 1,000’s of new routes to climb! In three weeks the pair barely scratched the surface, but if one thing was clear, it was that this amazing place, a place we all thought we knew, has so much more to give…



Varful Omu
02-12-2021 ora 12:00Fenomen : viscol
Temperatură: -5.8 ºC
Vânt: 6.5 m/s, directia : VSV
Nebulozitate: cer invizibil
Presiune: 739.0 mb, variabila
Umezeală relativă: 93%
Strat zăpadă : 9 cm la ora 08