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4A 5(6+), 3 LC, autor L. Ciucasel, 1977

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Free Solo Rock Climbing
"Free solo rock climbing is climbing walls without ropes." Will Stanhope explains the difference between rock climbing and free solo climbing. Will is a professional climber and enjoys both types of rock climbing. He is based in Squamish, BC, Canada and does regular trips around the world to climb. Will explains how free soloing is not about pushing your abilities to the limit but more climbing within your means to enjoy the freedom on the rock. In this video Will is showcased free solo climbing on The Chief in Squamish. The wall is 1,000 ft to the valley floor. The climb follows a crack splitting a wall on the North face of the Chief and requires a number of technical maneuvers at the top. The climb is ranked a 5.11c in rock climbing ratings.



Varful Omu
23-02-2020 ora 15:00Fenomen : ceata
Temperatură: -4.0 ºC
Vânt: 14.1 m/s, directia : VNV
Nebulozitate: cer invizibil
Presiune: 748.1 mb, in scadere
Umezeală relativă: 96%
Strat zăpadă : 50 cm la ora 08