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Tierra Boulder Battle 2013 - BACKSTAGE PASS
6 ladies are given some holds, a piece of plywood and a few hours. What would you expect ? A boring dispatch of crimp pulling ? A few fall ? Can't be more wrong.... First, the Tierra Boulder Battle is a show. Crowdpleasers problems of a high level of difficulty, perfect custom made holds on a fine structure. Second, these girls RULES. They are beautiful, they climb harder than you and they know how to have a good laugth in between tries. Last but not least, this video is not about the comp, it's about everything around. Jump backstage to see how such a fine event come to life. Thanks to Alex Puccio, Mathilda Söderlund, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Mélissa Le Nevé, Therese Johansen and Anja Hodann for beeing awesome during these few days. Thanks to Björn Pohl, all the Klättercentret crew, and all the events partner for pulling such a great show. Many thanks to Makeupe Institute of Stockholm for their amazing job : Thanks for watching !



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